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"MUM - To the world you are one person, But to one person your are the World"

The dictionary describes the word ‘mother’ as “a woman in relation to her child or children”.

I am lucky enough to have an amazing mum, an absolute boss, my inspiration, my guide, my friend, my influence and my rock!!!

I am very similar to my mum and growing up, especially in my teenage years, we often clashed, mostly over petty stuff. It was always fun when we went shopping and would be opposite ends of the shop but holding up the same item 😂 #twinning

But my mum has always been there for me and will do absolutely anything for me. Which massively warms my heart and makes me feel safe!!!

Now, a mother is not necessarily your birth mum, it could be a mother figure, a friend who’s a mother, someone who takes on the responsibility of a mum, I think basically anyone who puts other people first, could probably be described as a mum.

The profession of motherhood is all about influence. You and I have an incredible opportunity to influence the next generation by what we do as a mother every day. This is why it so important during the years that we raise our family. Some things to think about -

Be intentional with:

* Your own healing from life’s hurts.

* Taking care of yourself.

* Investing in your marriage.

* Parenting.

* Homemaking.

Being intentional increases influence. We cannot underestimate the power of a mother’s love, the value of home, and the significance of our intentional presence there.

I am the person I am today because of my mothers influence and because an amazing, beautiful, strong woman raised me.

I dedicate this post to all the wonderful mums, to all those who’s mums are looking down on them and all the mother figures we have in our life’s.


Happy Mother’s Day 💖

Namaste 🙏

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